How We Reduced Cracking in Problematic Pulleys

Our team was recently commissioned to design & supply our NSW customer with a custom solid web pulley.

Custom Pulley

Our team was recently commissioned to design & supply our NSW customer with a custom solid web pulley removing the typical spoke design to eliminate the problematic weak point.

Cracking in Pulley


Our customer was continually cracking pulleys in the location of where the spoke meets the center hub due to high shock loads and continuously cracking taper lock bushes above the keyway. This is a known common weak spot on taper lock bushes, utilising a larger bore size than what is required for the bush currently being used.

CDA Customised Pulley


After assessing the ability of the support bearing units to handle an increase in the static & dynamic load, we designed & supplied a custom solid web pulley that removes the typical ‘spoke’ design, in turn eliminating the weak point. Further to this altered design, we also increased the taper lock bush size to allow more material around the keyway to alleviate any further cracking, all in a short lead time.

Custom Pulley


Since delivering this customised pulley to the site, we have supplied our customer with numerous pulleys of this design which are still in operation over the past few years, providing tremendous results. We have also upgraded the current belts in order to complement the solution further and ensure a lengthier service life and cost-effective savings.

Our team can supply all types of pulleys, however we understand that “off-the-shelf” pulleys don’t always fit every application, that is why we offer specially designed and manufactured pulleys to international standards to maximise performance & increase belt life, even under the most extreme conditions.

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